EVEN IF THEY BANNED TWITTER AND FACEBOOK FOR LIFE, I Would still get Massive Traffic and Sales Without Spending A Dime On Paid Ads.


No Matter the Social Media that would get banned again , I would never get SAD because of getting out of Traffic Source.

What is My Confidence?

My Confidence is my Active Email List and Bulk SMS Phone Number Contacts.

I send my blog link or product to Millions of Nigeria at a CLICK.

It Is Not That EASY.

I started my Online Business Journey way back 2014 and I did not EARN up to #10,000 naria

for a Whole year not to talk less of a month.

I always write content I think people would like and I was Monetizing my blog with Google Adsense and hoping to build a full time income source with my Blog.

For 2 Years I Failed.



If you try to manipulate clicks and views, Google Adsense would ban you for LIFE.

I got to know about Affiliate marketing and I tried it, I made my first $65 dollar from web hosting Affiliate I Promote.

Later earned #2, 1150 from a Nigeria Web hosting I promote for a whole year.

This is not a good sign I would make it big Online, then I quit.

I Quit Blogging.

Some month later, I came back to blogging and tried to know more about SEO.


By then, I have change my domain name and Niche for a beter prospection of Blogging.

As time goes on,

I manage to earn up to $5 on Google Adsense.

I read so much FREE Tutorial and Blog Post about How To Increase My Earnings and also how to make money Blogging.

I impliment everything I see and read on the internet including YOUTUBE Videos, Free Courses and entire general tips offer for FREE.

I started Making Money But Not What I Was Expecting.

It was coming in Slowly and some Month,

Nothing would play.

Not Even 1K 🙁

I was lossing hope agin, I read a foreign blog about selling DIgital Product on my Website/Blog.

Which I tried.

At first, It did not work.

I ran paid Ads on Facbook with my lask 2k and only got engagement and comment.

No Sales. 🙁

As I saw people talking about how they made massive sales with facebook Ads.

I ask for help and I shared my story with so called Social Media Expert.

Some told me that my 2k budget was too poor, I manage to add 5k on my next ads.

And only got questions from people that saw my ads.

I finally concluded that Facebook Ads is not for me. :/

I shared my post to free forum and social group and got few views like 100 views per month to my blog post.

And Soon,

My SEO SEO skiill started to manifest as I started getting some good amount oof traffic from Google search (Organic Traffic).

But, it was Slow.

Along the line, Google came up with Google Algorithm update and that brought some many site down to no ranking.

My site that was managing to even get notice died a natural death on Google Search.

“No Free RentedTraffic is 100% Reliable “

Thank God Nairaland was not affected, I kept reposting my post on Nairaland and was getting Traffic from there until Nairaland bot Ban me from posting.

My Villiage People Has Come Again.

There is a popular saying on the internet

The More Traffic you get, The More Money You Make.

That is Very True.

Because through all this process, I discover that each time I get lot of Traffic for sme time, My Adsense Revenue Increase and people manage to ask me “Who Dey Sell:


So, I kept seeking for how to keep getting High Quanlity traffic steady and reliable Traffic Source.

I tried, Quora Forum, Medium, Pinterest And othe Foeign Forums,

I even start commenting the link of my post as comment on other blog that accept comment in order to get backlink and Traffic.

It Work but it require a lot of works.

To make matter worst, I also post videos on my Youtube Channel and link back to my Blog Post.

All his method was the recommended Ideal Traffic method expert recommended for free and Google Loves.

It is a ttal Energy waste and time Consuming to start getting the type of Traffic you want.

Well, You can Still Go Ahead Doing It.

It is your Choice But it is not my Type.

That is, I can’t take my time and craft great Post, Product, Video or Sellable Material,

Only to Hope and Pray For Traffic.


What is the Fastest and Reliable Traffic Method to Use?

Email Marketing is the Answer.

Now, I know someone just ask How Can I get People to Subscribe to my Email List.

Add Optin Form to your side widget and top to buttom of your post on every page.

To speed Sign Up Fast,

Offer Free Gift to those that would Join your Email List For Free.

This Gift is Called Optin- Bribe.

it work like Crazy

But you would need time and Money to grow your Email List to Large Empire.

That is you need to Pay For Facebook Ads, Google Ads and All Paid Ads you know to get more People to see your Free Gift and Sign up to download it.

You Would need to Budget Thousands and Millions of Naira to get the amount of Traffic that would convert into leads.

One of my Mentor told me he spent up to 4 Million Naira to get 50 Million Leads (Email Address) to his Email List.

That is Huge Money.

To get back his money, he have to keep sending them Affordable products for them to buy and he also secretly sell his Entire 50Million Email List fr #350,000 to big brand and individual like internet marketers o recover his money.

He told me he has recover more than his intial spent capital use to build the list.


I was also lucky I got the list during his giveAway price.

which has really helped me.

Not because I was super RICH but that is the Only Trusted and Sure Traffic Source I can Leverage on my own without LIMITATION.

I also started building my list which grew very fast because someone (Expert) taught me how.


With My mentor List I started seeing Beneit of doing Online Business.

I was able to buy a new Laptop and afford other billing.

I also build my email list which grew to over 625,000 Active Email List.

519,337 Active Contact

Another One

48,8975 Active Contact
20,003 Active Contact

I built all these contact myself,

There is another one I use Free Mailmuch for to also grow.

And like what I said before,

The More Traffic you get, The More Money You Make

Property of WebsiteScript.com.ng

I made one of my website homepage as just an opt-in email page for people to join my list and I offer Premuim Software for Free.

To ensure people do not BYpass with fake email.

My Automated Email Machine would validated your email and scrap out fake Email and another thing is that you woul only get the link to download the software to your active email.

Well the form is not beautiful but almost every day, I get up o 1k -2k Sign up.


Here is how that form work

You Put in Correct Email and my email Software send you a Confirmation Email,

After you double Optin by clicking the confirmation link in the email.

it send you the link to the free gift on second email.

As My list grew,

I started selling product on my site that I also get people email that bought from me.

Now, My Email list has people that want free gift (give you Traffic) and People that buys (give you Sales).

All I do is to find Hot Selling Product (Digital) and push it to my Email list before 24hrs

I get Mad Sales.

I find interesting resource material that allow affiliate like best webhosting company, plugin or other people product I can promte and get commision,

All I do,

Is to write a review about them and drop my affiliate link in the review for them to check it out.

I send it to my list.

People also pay me directly before I promote their business to my Audience. (Advertising).

I can Leverage My Email Empire as I want.

This is Total Free Them.

I do not write and Wait for Traffic again.

I write and see traffic coming in.

Well, I do not say Facebook Ads is Bad or Google Traffic is Not Good.

Nothing like the Traffic you have power over Full Access.

Why do you think that before you create your an account online, you must Add at least your name and Email Address.

Do you think it is neccessary.

I am kind of a Developer and I kow that Someone can register on a site (Create Account) without email address.

Now, Big Website like Aliexpress, Jumia, Facebook, Twitter and Nairaland won’t have made such a big firm if they do not collect email Address.

Take for example if there is any site that allow you create account without email like Twitter that allow Phone number and username.

Along the line you having account, they would ask you to add your Email Address to secure your account more.


that is NOT 100% True.

it is to get your attention.

Every Big Site with large Database such as facebook would tell you to update your account with email address

and after some time, ask you if you still have that email with you or update your email addres on their databse to ensure you are till active..

Email Address is Very Important to build a Successful Internet Business.

Here is just the Premuim Secret to Making Money Online.

To Run A Successful Online Business,

You need a Huge Email List Contact and Phone Numbers and a great Content/Product to SELL.

I Want To Help Up Coming Internet Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs

Online Entrepreneurs like Bloggers, Network Marketers, Youtubers, Website Owners, Ecommerce Owner, VTU Business Owners and Any One Who Want To Grow Their Business Faster.

I really feel how you feel when little or no attention is giving to what you sell or promote.

Because Of Social Media Algorithm and Other Policy Violation on other Platform that is not yours.

You Can’t Build An Empire on a Rented Land.

That is Why I am giving you the same Weapon My Mentor Gave To Me

Email List Empire

And Even More At A GiveAway Price

You Would Get:

50 Miillion Email List Of People Living in Urban Cities in Nigeria (My Mentor Secret Weapon).

625,000 Email List ( Email List I build myself) – My Asset.

120 Million Nigeria Phone Numbers.

I decided to do something other Internet Marketers are not doing or has never done in history of Nigeria Internet Market.

I would give you the Market to sell to and the right Hot product to sell to them.

Follow me

What has made some people quit Online Business isn’t because it is a scam or they havn’t heard about it.

But because, they have buy lots of product and trainning with any formal knowledge of who is their target audience and the right market to sell.

That is I would give you this Market of Email lists and Phone Number Contacts

and also

Products to sell to them

In my drive, I have over 100 of Hot Digital Product I created Myself and Resellable Product I bought from highly skilled personal.

And Another thing.

If you are not the type that can develop your own voice to sell Resellable Product in Your Name (Brand Name)

Do Not Worry,

I Would give you lists of Websites to join as a partner and promote other people’s product and get highly PAID for referring.

I for one can never get out of Digital Products or Product to sell.

I have done dropshipping before,

Run Ecommerce Website to Staduim.

And Run Eductional Blog Selling Past Question and CBT Software.

Giving you access to Products to sell is Optional for me and is not part of the price for the email empire.

I would only give access to the first 10 persons to pay and get Email Emipre Asset.

Do You Want Crazy Traffic Empire (Email List Empire)

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